Please contact us prior to shipping so we are aware that you will be shipping samples.


Samples must be frozen or lyophilized and shipped by an overnight carrier, in an insulated container with enough dry-ice to last at least 72 hours if shipping within North America and 96 hours for shipments from outside North America.


Note that clients are responsible for payment of courier costs and brokerage fees. The sample vials should be sent to the address listed below by any express courier that accepts dry ice shipments. We recommend Federal Express for shipments originating in North America, and World Couriers is the preferred courier choice outside of North America. Ship the samples to the following address:


Shipping Address:

MRM Proteomics Inc.
c/o Proteomics Centre
Vancouver Island Technology Park
#3101-4464 Markham Street
Victoria, British Columbia, V8Z 7X8
(250) 483-3224


Please ensure 3 copies of a signed commercial invoice accompany your shipment which specifies your samples are non-hazardous and non-infectious. Since the samples are not for resale, the value of your shipment should be priced at approximately $1.00 per sample in order to avoid paying additional duties and taxes on entry into Canada.


It is highly recommended that customers e-mail their courier airway bill number and the date of departure to so we can track your shipment in transit and ensure it arrives in a timely manner. For shipping from outside of North America, we highly recommend send out on a Monday or Tuesday. We will send confirmatory e-mail once your shipment arrives at our facility.



Airway bill for Federal Express or any courier that accepts dry ice shipments

Complete the airway bill and specify:

• Priority overnight delivery
• Bill transportation charges to your organisation
• Place sufficient dry ice to last several days into a Styrofoam shipping container
• Seal the edges of the Styrofoam container with tape to preserve dry ice longer
• Dry ice is a “hazardous” item, so ensure proper labels are attached to the outside of the box
• Do not specify Saturday delivery or hold at courier location
• For Federal Express shipments telephone 1-800-GO-FEDEX or visit them on-line at or
• to schedule a pick up or complete your forms
• For shipments coming from within Canada or the United States, please ship any day from Monday to Wednesday. Do not ship on a Thursday or Friday.
For international shipments coming from outside of North America, the best day to ship is on a Monday to ensure arrival in Canada for delivery later the same week
• It is recommended that customers e-mail the date of your shipment and the courier airway bill number with number of samples to MRM Proteomics at to ensure we can track your package should it get held up in Canadian Customs
• For any customer located outside of Canada, 3 copies of a commercial invoice is required to accompany your shipment (see below)



Commercial Invoice (not required by Canadian customers) 


Please complete the attached commercial invoice with the following information:

•Date of exportation
• Shipper/Exporter name, address, phone number
• Country of export/Country of origin

• Name of courier and the airway bill number
• Number, type and total weight of package(s)
• Total declared value of shipment (number of samples x $1.00 per sample) and please specify currency
• Date, name, signature, and title of authorized person


Include three (3) copies of the commercial invoice with the airway bill


NOTE: Do not change the value of your shipment to more than $1.00 per sample as this will prompt the custom brokers to charge MRM Proteomics with a duty and GST fee on your package. Since the samples are processed internally and not returned to the customer or resold, there is no real commercial value.


The international air waybill is required for all international shipments between Canada and the rest of the world. It is also your customs declaration, which can possibly be used to clear your shipment through customs at the destination. The customs clearance process begins with the description of the air waybill. If the description is too vague or missing, customs authorities may select the shipment for further inspection. All customs paperwork, such as the commercial invoice, must have detailed commodity descriptions. A detailed description on the air waybill and other customs documentation will help speed up the clearance time and reduce your delivery time. In the event that MRM Proteomics must go to a Canada Customs facility to claim the package of samples for client order due to inadequate completion of the commercial invoice, additional charges will apply.

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