Claude LeDuc, President and Chief Executive Officer

Claude LeDuc is a professional executive with 30 years of international experience and achievement in private and Fortune 500 Pharma, Biotech and Medical Devices Companies.

As a CEO/COO, Mr. Leduc financially structured companies through seeds and multiple rounds of financing, with successfully realized IPO and private investments of tens of millions of dollars. He has also built teams and structures to execute clinical trials, manufacturing needs, QA/QC and regulatory approval requirements. Mr. LeDuc prepared companies for their pre-commercialization phase, managed negotiations with worldwide partners, and secured commercial partnerships. His sales and marketing background and international business development experience gives him tremendous vision to translating novel technologies into viable businesses.

Christoph H. Borchers, Ph.D. Chief Scientific Officer

Dr. Christoph Borchers is recognized as a pioneer and leading figure in the development of mass spec based methods for protein quantification using Multiple Reaction Monitoring (MRM). He is also the Director of the UVic–Genome BC Proteomics Centre and has published more than 180 peer-reviewed papers in scientific journals. His research is centered around the improvement, development and application of proteomics technologies with a major focus on techniques for quantitative targeted proteomics for clinical diagnostics. Dr. Borchers received his B.S., M.Sc. and Ph.D. from the University of Konstanz, Germany. After his post-doctoral training and employment as a staff scientist at NIEHS/NIH/RTP, NC and he was the director of the Duke–UNC Proteomics Facility and held a faculty position at UNC Medical School in Chapel Hill, NC (2001-2006). Dr. Borchers is also involved in promoting proteomics research and education through his involvement with HUPO (International Council Member), the British Columbia Proteomics Network (co-leader) and the Canadian National Proteomics Network (VP External, Chair of the Board of Directors).


Technical Staff

MRM Proteomics Inc. draws on the expertise of more than 25 highly qualified scientific staff.  Senior scientists lead the development of new methods and techniques in quantitative proteomics.  Proteomics technicians then apply the validated methods in order to provide high quality, cutting-edge analytical services. Together, this team has decades of experience in all aspects of assay design, peptide development, experimental optimization, mass spectrometry, and data analysis.

MRM Proteomics – Protein Quantification and Biomarker Discovery by Multiple Reaction Monitoring