Introuduced in February 2015!

MRM Proteomics’ first PeptiQuant™ Biomarker Assessment Kit for Targeted Quantitative Proteomics will allow users to quantify 76 proteins in 20 µL of human plasma. The kits are designed for highly robust and reproducible protein quantitation using an MRM-MS workflow.


The PeptiQuant™ Biomarker Assessment Kit will be available in two sizes:

  • BAK-76 for 20 samples
  • BAK-76 for 50 samples


All MRM Proteomics Inc. kits are available exclusively through Cambridge Isotope Laboratories, Inc.  Pricing and availability details are available at .   Want to be notified?  Follow us on Twitter or click here and enter your email address with the subject line "Follow BAK-76".




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