MRM Proteomics has developed two families of standardization kits that contain the necessary materials and protocols to perform quality control of targeted proteomics assays on the most commonly-used LC-MS systems. These kits are designed for use with human plasma proteomics.


Our PeptiQuant™ LC-MS Platform Performance Kit is designed to evaluate instrument performance in quantitative plasma proteomics. The kits contain tryptic-digested plasma samples spiked with isotope-labeled standard (SIS) peptides of known concentration. The daily kit allows for regular day-to-day evaluation of instrument performance to ensure that you are obtaining consistent results across multi-day experiments. The monthly kit, which includes a dilution series, allows you to comprehensively characterize instrument performance and identify the presence of instrument-specific issues that need to be addressed before performing quantitative proteomics research. The LC-MS performance kits are available for a multiple chromatographic systems from standard- to nano-flow and for various MS/MS instrument from different vendors.


Our PeptiQuant™ Workflow Performance Kit is designed to enable evaluation of your entire bottom-up quantitative proteomics workflow (from denaturation through digestion to MS detection). The kit includes raw plasma, trypsin, and a SIS peptide mixture, which are used to produce a dilution series. Users compare their quantitative results (in terms of precision, limit of quantitation, protein concentration, etc.) to the “known” values for the proteins in the reference kit for complete performance evaluation.  This helps to highlight the presence of instrument-specific and/or method-specific issues that need to be addressed prior to performing quantitative proteomics research.

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