Custom MRM Assays

MRM Proteomics’ custom MRM Assay development service provides our customers with the ultimate flexibility in designing their own customized MRM assays. Customers can design their own made-to-measure assay(s) using any combination of the proteins listed in our standard assays in addition to novel MRM Assays developed to quantitate their proteins of interest.


Can’t find a protein of interest in our list? We will work with you to develop MRM assays for your protein(s) of choice which can be used on its own or in conjunction with our existing PeptiQuant™ MRM Assays.


Contact MRM Proteomics at 1-604-800-2296, or e-mail us at to ask about our PeptiQuant™ Custom MRM Assay today. You can also fill out the contact form below to receive more information about our customised MRM assay capabilities.


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