MRM-MS Workflow Kit for Targeted Proteomics

MRM Proteomics’ PeptiQuant™ Workflow Performance Kit for quantitative plasma proteomics contains
3 materials (plasma, trypsin, and stable isotope-labeled standard (SIS) peptide mixture) that are to be used toward the preparation of 7 standard samples (labeled standard A to G), which have constant endogenous and variable exogenous amounts.  The plasma is supplied as a solution, while the trypsin and SIS mix are lyophilates (all at -80ºC).  After preparing a plasma tryptic digest, the internal standard mixture (diluted serially from the 250 fmol/µL concentration provided for a 10,000-fold range) is added to 7 vials and the resultant mixtures are desalted before LC-MRM/MS analysis.  This kit will enable the entire bottom-up proteomic workflow (from sample preparation to mass spectrometric detection) to be evaluated.


In using the supplied kit, users can compare their quantitative results (in terms of precision, limit of quantitation, protein concentration, etc.) to the “known” values for the proteins in the reference kit for performance evaluation.  Doing so will highlight the presence of instrument-specific issues that will need to be addressed prior to performing the users quantitative proteomics research of interest.


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