PeptiQuant MRM Assay Panels and Kits

Our PeptiQuant™ MRM technology platform is capable of unparalleled specificity, sensitivity and robustness and allows for targeted analysis of proteins of interest rather than sifting through enormous amounts of data that typically result from non-targeted studies. Our MRM assay panels and analytical services have been optimized to allow for the most sensitive, accurate, and specific results while also providing the ability to measure the exact concentration of each protein in complex matrices such as blood/plasma directly.


Development and characterization of MRM-based protein assays using isotopically labelled peptides is rapid and inexpensive compared with the time and cost associated with the generation and characterization of antibodies for ELISA development.


The ease with which these assays can be multiplexed is a tremendous advantage of multiple reaction monitoring (MRM) MS over traditional immunoassays. Using a single 10–100 µL aliquot of patient plasma, we can assay tens to hundreds of protein analytes. Current antibody based immunoassays have very limited multiplexing capability before specificity and assay performance are unduly affected.


It can takes over a year to develop one ELISA and it costs hundreds of thousands to several million dollars, depending on the use. ELISAs require a highly specific antibody to each protein of interest and developing antibodies for each protein is expensive and time consuming. Faced with thousands of candidate biomarkers the cost of running an ELISA for each is impractical.

MRM Proteomics – Protein Quantification and Biomarker Discovery by Multiple Reaction Monitoring