MRM Assays

Our MRM assays allow for the absolute and highly accurate quantitation of tens to hundreds of different proteins and biomarkers in a single sample and require very minimal sample volume. Our MRM assays are focused on absolute protein quantification (measurements to determine the absolute amount of a target material in a biological sample), and for this we use isotopically-labeled internal standards and sophisticated mass spectrometric methods, including multiple reaction monitoring (MRM) mass spectrometry (MRM-MS).


PeptiQuant™ MRM Assays are extremely versatile and can be used in a large number of protein and biomarker quantification applications.


• Biomarker discovery, verification and validation
• Stratification of patients
• Clinical trial monitoring
• Development of companion diagnostics
• Drug Toxicity assessments in serum samples
• Pharmacokinetic (pK) studies
• Quality control studies of biologics


Our technology is rapid and inexpensive compared with ELISA development. It can be highly multiplexed to allow for the quantification of 10s to 100s of protein or biomarker candidates in one analysis from a single drop of blood serum or plasma, cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) as well as other fluids, tissues and cell lysates.


Choose from our established PeptiQuant™ MRM Assays (Panels):
Human Discovery MRM Assay (142 protein assay)
Human Cardiovascular MRM Assay (67 protein assay)
Human Cancer MRM Assay (53 protein multiplex assay)
Custom MRM Assays (Customized MRM assay panels)


Can’t find your protein(s) of interest? Let us custom design an MRM panel to suit your specific needs using out PeptiQuant™ Custom MRM Assay service.


PeptiQuant™ MRM assays developed by MRM Proteomics have several significant advantages over other protein or biomarker quantification methods, including HPLC and antibody based ELISA assays.
• Short assay development time – Weeks
• No antibody development costs
• Multiplexed quantitation: 10s to 100s of proteins or biomakers at once
• Absolute protein quantitation
• Minimal sample volume (10 –100 µL)
• Suited to complex matrices analysis (plasma, CSF, urine etc.)
• Absolute specificity (specificity that antibodies alone can’t match)
• Discrimination of protein isoforms
• High reproducibility and accuracy


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