To process your samples as efficiently as possible without delays please include a copy of your
sample submission form with your sample shipment.


Please click below to download the appropriate sample submission form:

MRM Sample Submission Form
iTRAQ Sample Submission Form
• Commercial Invoice (not required by Canadian customers)



MRM Assays Sample Requirements

MRM Assay Type Volume Required
Serum or plasma Other fluids*
PeptiQuant™ Human Discovery Assay 50 µL 250 µL
PeptiQuant™ Human Cadiovascular Assay 50 µL N/A
PeptiQuant™ Custom Assay Inquire Inquire




• Samples can be submitted in individual tubes or in 96 well formats
• Please ship samples frozen and packed on dry-ice
• Contact us at to confirm sample volume requirements



ITRAQ (4-PLEX & 8-PLEX) Sample Requirements

• Samples must be prepared in a buffer containing or reducing agents

• Peptides are both identified and quantified within the same experiment by multidimensional LC and MS/MS

• Quantitation is performedat the MS/MS spectral level, and typically 800 or more identified proteins from a crude cellular or tissue extract are quantified.
• Bicinchonnic Acid Assay (BCA) is used to accurately determine the protein concentration of each sample
• Sample concentration should be at least 1mg/ml (contact us if your concentration is less)
• Recommended sample amount is 150ug of protein for each label to be used.



Substances that may interfere with iTRAQ

The following substances may interfere with our iTRAQ analysis protocols and should be avoided.

• Thiols (eg. DTT and mercaptoethanol)
• High amounts of detergents and denaturants
• Active proteases

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